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Get Retail Auto Parts Grand Rapids Mi

It’s that time of the year again. You might be looking for Retail Auto Parts In Grand Rapids MI for your car, truck or SUV. Grand Rapids Auto Parts, Inc. can help you make the right choice. Maybe you have been searching for Retail Auto Parts online and you are not sure if it’s the exact fit, or maybe you have doubts about the quality of the parts. We will find all the Retail Auto Parts In Grand Rapids MI that you need.

Contact our dependable and experienced staff with your queries. We’re here to help you find the right Retail Auto Parts In Grand Rapids MI. We can also assist you in having these parts installed in your car. We have made it easy for our customers to purchase these auto parts. All of our products have warranties, and we can assure that our parts are all high quality.

Grand Rapids Auto Parts, Inc. is the best Retail Auto Parts In Grand Rapids MI. If you need any technical assistance or any help finding an automobile parts, call us! You can reach us at 616-364-6181 or you can request your car parts now.

What they say about us

Great Staff! Very Knowledgeable and Honest.

Jose Morales

Came up to Michigan from Ohio for the weekend. When we got to hotel my radiator blew in my BMW. When I first called he said supplier was closed and couldn’t get one. But later he got hold of supplier and tracked me down at the hotel we were at and stuck a note on windshield. When I found the note he came back to the shop and opened up to sell me the radiator which was $80 cheaper than Auto Zone. Then found me towing from a person he used quite often $28 cheaper than the place I had called. Great business highly recommend!


Very good customer service, these guys are very friendly and will do anything to find you parts

Luis Quintero

They go the extra mile to help you.

Keith Sawade

Great auto parts place! I’ve been doing business with them for over 40 years.

Tech Gole

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